Công Ty TNHH May Thêu Thiên Ân

Công Ty TNHH May Thêu Thiên Ân

Address: 205 HÀ HUY GIÁP, P.THẠNH LỘC, Q.12
HOTLINE: 0913 901 768

About Us

         Thien An Computerized Embroidery Company Limited was established in 2008, starting from an embroidery workshop.  Thien An firstly specialized in providing computerized embroidery services for Nike brand until Nike ceased its production in Vietnam.  Since then, Thien An has expanded its client portfolio to other brands e.g. Adidas, Oshkosh, A&F, Tommy Hil- figer, etc.   The sequin embroidery business has been developed by Thien An since 2012 when A&F started making sequin embroidery products in Vietnam.


Current investment of Thien An includes:

¨  Embroidery machines:  17 units in which 9 machines with sequin heads, SWF (Korea), capacity ranging from 15,000 - 30,000pcs/day

* 14 units model SWF/D-WE920-55, 9 colors, 20 heads, field size 330x550mm

* 1 unit model SWE/GE-WE918-55, 9 colors, 18 heads, field size 330x550mm

* 1 unit model SWE/D-WE918-75, 9 colors, 18 heads, field size 400x750mm

* 1 unit model SWE/D-WE915-75, 9 colors, 15 heads, field size 400x750mm

* 2 units model SWE/D-WE906 -55, 9 colors, 6 heads, field size 330x550mm


¨  Laser cutting machines: 4 units, Yueming (China), capacity 13,000pcs/


* 2 units model CMA-1080, field size 1,000x800mm

* 1 unit model CMA-1380, field size 1,300x800mm

* 1 unit model CMA-604, field size 600x800mm


¨  Needle detector machine: 1 unit, Hashima (Japan), model HN-600C


¨  Straight linear fusing press: 1 unit, Hashima (Japan), model HP-90LD


¨  Die cut: 1 unit, Hsu Ching (China), width 1,200mm, capacity 5,000pcs/






0913 901 768